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Urbanish Digital Live on Facebook

Urbanish Team Takeover Every Thursday!

2020 Has been a world wind across the globe. Our team has progress and used this time to adapt to the curve. Technology has seeped in our homes for over 15 yrs. Creating a easier way to stay in contact with others, providing a new avenue to receive news and stay abreast of current events.

Be sure to catch “Urbanish Digital” Live each and every Thursday at 7pm EST. September 17, 2020 we welcomed our newest member to the family; Dr. Pamela Gurley.

Catch our Hot Topic, Celebrity News, and Current Events on Facebook live on the (Urban.ish) page.


Published by urbanish-digital

Urban.ish  Digital is a community of contributors that publish stories ranging from celebrities, entertainment industry, music, fashion, lifestyle, events, and entrepreneurship. Our contributor's background range from high fashion educators, educators, entrepreneurs, authors, hip hop enthusiast’s and journalists. Urban.ish Digital contributors will bring stories to life that matters to our communities. Stories that are often overlooked. Our platform will publish relatable topics and articles for audiences around the globe. Contributors: Urban.ish Digital Managing Editor: Jicara Keshaun – Contributors: Vanessa Henderson - (Fashion Contributor) Akin Gibbons – (Music: Hip Hop Contributor) LA Walton – (Entrepreneurship Contributor) Joy Ford – (Lifestyle/Fashion Contributor)

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