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Anatomy of An Entrepreneur

When is an entrepreneur, not an entrepreneur? When they are not generating vast amounts of wealth! This may be slightly hard on hard-working small business owners who are often called entrepreneurs, but it could be argued that lifestyle business doesn’t classify as entrepreneurial. I think the reason for making the distinction is to empower theContinue reading “Anatomy of An Entrepreneur”


How to Be Your Best Self Everyday

Have you ever had a job that you didn’t like? When you woke up in the morning you to drag yourself out of bed and force yourself to go into work. This might be the job that you’re working right now. Well, you know how when you get to work, sit down to your cubicle and begin crunchingContinue reading “How to Be Your Best Self Everyday”

Healthy Mindset Habits for Entrepreneurial Success

We all know that your mindset is the most important factor when it comes to achieving success. You also should have identified some of your strengths and a few of your weaknesses. So where do you go from there? The very next step is to start yourself on the path to healthy mindset habits. Habits are a funny thing.Continue reading “Healthy Mindset Habits for Entrepreneurial Success”

For Entrepreneurs, Time is Precious!

You might be confused by the title of this post. You might be saying: “Hey, I value my time. That’s why I am doing this whole entrepreneurial thing.” What you probably mean however, is that you value your leisure time, and this chapter is more about valuing the extra time that you have when you’re not doing something thatContinue reading “For Entrepreneurs, Time is Precious!”