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Never Be Afraid Of The White T-Shirt

As the Summer Approaches we will be sharing sassy & affordable ways to be trendy:

It’s so easy to take something as simple as a white v-neck & t-shirt, as well as a pair of dark blue jeans to create magic. Natural tones, woods, and white can add a little drama to any simple outfit.

Tips by: Joy


A Little Earring Pizzazz…

Vanessa Henderson-Nothing is bolder than a little sexy earring fashion. Designer —— brings colorful life to each pair of her designer earrings. Her pieces are always edgy and are a sure attention grabber. These fun and colorful earrings are sure to pop any fashion ensemble.

Seeing Things In Black And White

Seeing Things in Black and White…
In fashion, there are so many colors we can use to express our personalities. Sometimes black and white is usually the last result for a fashion decision when it comes to our fashion attire; especially if we want to stand out in a crowd. I’ve learned in this journey of fashion that sometimes black and white can create a major symbol of expression especially when it comes expressing your fashion perspective. Seeing things in black and white can sometimes help us stand out in a crowd of colorism and basic style.

Many of us have created this deception of black and white as being dull or being overly basic but sometimes the simplicity of the colors black and white can sometimes put us in a state of embolden greatness. We understand that white is considered the color of pureness and purity and black is seen as the color of darkness and negativity. It’s when the two colors are put together; the darkness and the light, that through our own fashion perspectives, we can shine and embrace a room and conquer it all.

The one thing I love about black and white is not being afraid to embrace the patterns that you can entangle with the colors of black and white. When you are unafraid to play with the patterns of black and white they seem to come together and merge into a symbolic expression of confidence. The strength of blackness and the purity of whiteness entangled in the abnormal web of patterns can put you in a place of fashion greatness.

As a fashion Connoisseur, we must understand we should never be afraid to play with the simplicity of black, white and patterns. Seeing life through black and white will always give you an edge because it puts you in a position where you see things for what they really are. Sometimes the most simplistic colors and the most dramatic pattern can put you in a position of fashion greatness. I know we sometimes say live life in color; but sometimes we must settle down and look at life for what it really is and that’s Black and White empowerment.