Letting Go of the Weight!

Letting Go of the Weight! It’s not always the physical weight, the weight that’s on the outside that keeps us bound, the mental, emotional weight can be a burden as well. That is the weight I’ll be addressing today. In 2006, God gave me a vision to help others heal that I too had dealt with and overcame. I never imagine the very thing that kept me silent, control and bound for years, I now had to inspire others to live out.

It wasn’t until 2010 that I actually started doing ministry because I ran from the assignment, I couldn’t run any longer. That assignment was to bring HOPE & HEALING to those suffering in silence from abuse. Yes, it carries a lot of weight, I know if God chose me, Grace is sufficient. God would give me exactly what was needed to do the work. Definitely not saying it was easy, it was possible because God was with me.

Being a person that love people and want them to BE BETTER, I took on a lot of their issues, to the point where it was weighing me down. It was taxing on me mentally and emotionally. One day I felt so depressed and heavy and had no clue why. I was weeping and praying and asking God what is wrong? In a quiet voice He says, you’re taking on things from others that are not yours. Lay it at my feet and not your heart.

I had carried so much of the pains of the women & children I had ministered to because I wanted so much for them not to have to feel the weight of their issues. It wasn’t mine to carry, I had to let the weight go. I had to learn to cover myself, Meaning I had to pray and ask God to take whatever is told to me and He took care of it. I hear it and I give it right back to God! Once I learned that, I was good to go. I learned not to take on other people’s burdens! You can help them but don’t hoard them! They are not yours to carry! Let go of the weight!

Written By: Sheryll Roberts (Da Hope Dealer)

3 Tips To Calm Anxiety!

I don’t know about you but this Quarantine has really put people in a bad place mentally. Although we’re all coping with it, it still doesn’t mean we fully grasp what’s going on. Many are in the house that hasn’t sat still in years. Their schedule is always Booked & Busy, while others that are Introvert it really doesn’t bother them to stay at home.

It feel as if we’ve awaken into a horror film and know ones knows how to get us out. I’ve tried to limit the intake of it all, lessen my conversations about it, just work on things that I haven’t in a while.  Although I’m a busy body, I also suffer from anxiety. For the past 7 years, I had no idea what it was, I’ve seen people have panic attacks, and just go through the motion of being anxious. Here are 3 tips that has help me, Hope it helps you.

  1. Stay Away From Sugar

Sugar can do more harm then good. Often making you feel even more anxious.

2. Ask For A Second Opinion

Call or text a friend or family member and run through your worries with them. Say them aloud, this can help you see them clearly

3. Watch A Funny Video

Cue up clips of your favorite comedian or funny TV Show. Laughing is a good prescription for anxious mind. One study found that humor could help lower anxiety as much (or even more than) exercise can.

Written By: Tiffany Terrell (Founder of Urbanish)

Jeannie Mai And Jeezy Are Engaged!

Photo Credit: People.com

One of our favorite Co-Host of “The Real” Jeannie Mai recently got engaged to Jeezy! Despite the Quarantine & Chill, Jeezy made a special night at his Los Angeles home. The couple had planned a trip to Vietnam, due to COVID-19 outbreak their plans had to came to a halt. Jeezy plan was to propose in Vietnam, he  didn’t allow the Quarantine to stop him, his home was filled with Vietnamese food and décor.

Yessss Hunayyy! The real host has shared all sorts of sweet stories with us about her and her Boo Jeezy. Now her Fiancée. Congrats Jeannie & Jeezy!

Written By: Tiffany Terrell (Founder of #Urbanish)

My Love Story!

Never would I imagine falling in love with someone who once was broken, scarred and full of self-hatred. Existing in a world where pain was my pleasure & self-doubt consumed me, Love was unimaginable and seemed unable to achieve. From an early age my view of love was tainted & manipulated because of molestation & rape. It left wounds that altered my sense of worthiness and self-care! I didn’t care for the person who was looking back at me in the mirror. I saw filth and disgust.

 I felt I was too broken to be mended, & too dirty to be cleaned up. Hiding behind the image of what other people thought I should be. Never realizing my entire existence was a lie. To be capable of love or even being loved was never a thought. Through failed attempts to love the opposite sex and trying to create a space of acceptance I soon realized there was something missing. I wasn’t accepting or loving ME.

Brokenness will give you a warped sense of self! I didn’t realize under all that pain there was a person that was Beautiful and worthy enough to receive love & forgiveness. It wasn’t until I dealt with the pains of my past and letting go of all the hurt and damage that was caused, I learn loving yourself first was key. I began to put my needs ahead of others, yes sometimes you have to be selfish in order to take care of you.

I Began to consider my needs in situations that may eventually be more harm than good and just loving me flaws and all unapologetically. It took me years to get here but today I can say Sheryll, I LOVE YOU!! YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and YOU ARE AMAZINGLY DOPE!!! I LOVE ME UNAPOLOGETICALLY Now put your name where my name is and affirm yourself. YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & YOU ARE AMAZINGLY DOPE!

Written By: Sheryll Roberts (Da Hope Dealer)

My Voice Has Power!

Photo by Forja2 Mx on Unsplash

Have you ever felt like what you say is not being heard? Is it silenced in the chaotic moments of your life? Do you decide not to speak because you feel your voice doesn’t matter? I’m sure we’ve all felt that way at some point in our lives, but do you stay in those moments or do you fight through and reaffirm “My Voice has Power”!

What I have to say is of importance! As a people, our voices have been silenced through the ages and it has trickled down from generation to generation, what we have to learn and live by are breaking those cycles and began to SPEAK UP when necessary! We can no longer allow our Voices to be snuffed out!

We have allowed people to speak for us because we’ve felt inferior to them or they have made us feel like what we know is not right and makes us feel less than. Even sometimes in our households we are made to be silenced. Starting from childhood, we were taught, children are to be seen and not heard. So how are they to learn how to express themselves? They grow up feeling like their voice or opinion doesn’t matter.

As for me, being a child that was abused, my voice was stripped from me. Expressing myself or voicing how I felt was such a huge issue for me. Sometimes now, I feel like my voice doesn’t matter, but I have to reaffirm myself and also repeat the word of God! The enemy knows our VOICE has POWER, he tries everything in his power to silence you or to keep you bound in situations that can easily be overcome just by you speaking and declaring your victory.

 That enemy can be your ex, a former friend, friend, spouse or anyone that tries to keep you down and belittle you and your character. You have the power to fight back…with your VOICE! God gave you a voice and it’s a Powerful one so uses it, it’s time for us to stand up for ourselves and for others and declare…MY VOICE HAS POWER!!

Written By: Sheryll Roberts (Da Hope Dealer)

Quarantine And Netflix With Urbanish Digital!

Photo From Netflix

During this time of uncertainty with COVID-19 spreading rapidly in the U.S., most of American’s are staying home. Despite many businesses closing up, the digital & streaming world is seeing an increase, streaming services such as Netflix has now become America’s #1 streaming services.

Netflix content is one of the main reasons it’s the top streaming services. The options of TV Series, Featured Films, and Documentaries has America’s best interest at heart. We’ve come together as a team to start to release what we’re watching and like to share with all of you.

“Here are our first batch of 5 shows Urbanish Approves”;

  1. Uncorked (Featured Film) (#9 in the U.S. Today on Netflix)

A young man feels torn between his dream of becoming a master sommelier and his father’s expectations that he’ll take over the family barbecue business.

2. All American (Series)

Culture clashes and brewing rivalries test a teen football player from South Los Angeles when he’s recruited to the Beverly Hills High School team.

3. Blacklist (Series)

A criminal mastermind surrenders to the FBI with a stunning offer to catch an elusive terriosts—but he’ll only talk to a specific rookie profiler.

4. Luna Nera (Series)

In 17th century Italy, a teenager learns about her destiny among a family of witches, just as her boyfriend’s father hunts her down for witchcraft.

5. The Lost O.G. (Series)

When a newly paroled tray returns to his old stomping grounds determined to be a force for positive change, he’s shocked at what he finds.

Try to stay in and be safe out there. We hope this list alleviate some sort of stress.

Tiffany Terrell (Founder)

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